Product image: 3M Office Solutions

3M Office Solutions

Innovation for your everyday life.

Post-it® Notes. Scotch® Tape. You encounter 3M products every day, everywhere. Many of 3M’s historic innovations have become an invaluable part of life for people around the globe. But the story goes deeper than that. Our adhesives and tapes help make things you love last longer. They hold mobile phones together. And cars. Your dentist probably uses 3M adhesives. So does your doctor. And Post-it® Notes are capable of inspiring ideas as humble as a to-do list and as large as an art installation. The diversity and application of 3M’s consumer products and technologies continue to grow.

Product image: 3M Privacy Filters

3M Privacy Filters

Our privacy filters and privacy screen protectors use microlouver technology to help protect your privacy, wherever you go.

Product image: Post-it Extreme Notes

Post-it Extreme Notes

When conditions make communication tough, Post-it® Extreme Notes make leaving notes and reminders simple, so you can get the work done. Made with Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive, these notes will hold up in hot, cold and wet conditions.

Product image: 3M Bumpon Products Tapered White Square

3M Bumpon Products Tapered White Square

Pressure sensitive adhesive backed polyurethane products that can be used as feet, stops, spacers and protectors in many applications. Bumpon protective products feature a plasticizer-free urethane composition which exhibits. | Excellent skid resistance | Long aging resiliency - will not crack or harden | Abrasion resistance | Tapered square in shape |

Product image: 3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

Bringing people and ideas together When your team is ready to bring its next big idea to life, use Post-it® Collaboration Products to unlock something amazing.

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