Product image: 3M Speciality Tapes

3M Speciality Tapes

Product image: 3M Scotch Book Protection Tape

3M Scotch Book Protection Tape

Scotch book tape 845 a tough crystal-clear transparent tape with a long-aging, synthetic adhesive that conforms readily to book contours and flexes with cover movements. | Transparent polypropylene backing | Tough, flexible, resists abrasion and cracking, conformable | Synthetic adhesive | Excellent for repairing, reinforcing, protecting and covering bound edges and surfaces | Use on books, magazines, pamphlets, record album jackets and more

Product image: 3M Lint Rollers & Refills

3M Lint Rollers & Refills

Scotch lint roller is made with scotch adhesive. Scotch adhesive grabs tough to remove lint, pet hair and dust from your clothes effectively from clothing, furniture, auto interiors and more. When the roller is full, simply peel away the outer layer and a new layer is revealed so you can roll on and on. | Lightweight, durable handle with a comfortable grip | Smooth, quiet rolling action | 30 white adhesive layers perforated for easy removal |

Product image: 3M Scotch Stretch Wrap

3M Scotch Stretch Wrap

3M scotch dispenser with Film (127mm x 220m) . Useful for stabilising sharp or bulky items . Use black stretchwrap to conceal contents of pallet . Will deter theft during storage and transport

Product image: 3M Scotch Ruby Red Lithographic Tape

3M Scotch Ruby Red Lithographic Tape

3M lithographers tape 616 ruby red, 2. 4 mil (0.06 mm) UPVC film tape with rubber adhesive. | Optically transparent and photographically opaque | Pin-hole free backing | Ideal for many lithographic stripping applications in the graphic arts industry | Applications: photo-splicing, film splicing, negative splicing, opaquing, stripping, edging, light blocking, prepass stripping

Product image: 3M Scotch Whiteboard Chalk

3M Scotch Whiteboard Chalk

Scotch Chalkboard Tape is a removable tape that's easy to use | The chalkboard tape can be used for a wide variety of things, like labeling flower pots, posting daily menus and to-do lists, making message boards in the home office or kitchen, labeling storage containers, crafting, decorating/personalizing gifts, and creating kids projects | You could even use it to keep track of "whose glass is whose" or label Hors d'oeuvres at your next party | Just cut, peel and stick | Write-on with chalk | Erase with a tissue, cloth or chalk eraser | Great for crafting

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