Product image: Bostik Office Products

Bostik Office Products

Bostik is a company with a long and rich history. It was founded as the Boston Blacking Co. in Chelsea Massachusetts in 1889. It has its origins in the shoe industry and shoe adhesives. It was taken over by USM (United Shoe Machinery) in 1929 and was developed on a global scale, focusing on the shoe industry until the 1950's when the company embarked on international expansion and diversification.

Product image: Bostik Glue Sticks & Pens

Bostik Glue Sticks & Pens

Acid-free smooth solid stick glue. Goes on blue, dries clear so you know where the glue has been applied. Features Designed to bond paper, cardboard and fabrics. Acid-free therefore non-corrosive and non-yellowing. Non-wrinkle, convenient and mess free. Recommended Uses Ideal for sticking paper together, gluing photos in albums, creating invitations as well as other art and craft applications.

Product image: Bostik Blu Tack

Bostik Blu Tack

Bostik Blu Tack is the original "reusable" adhesive. Permanently plastic, this useful, reusable, multi purpose adhesive has excellent adhesive qualities. Features A very pliable non-toxic adhesive, Blu Tack is safe for all the family. Recommended Uses Blu Tack is designed to hang posters, hold many ordinary household objects in place and temporarily stop leaks around the house. It has a multitude of uses in the home, office, school and factory/workshop. Made in Australia to stringent quality standards.

Product image: Bostik Glue Tape

Bostik Glue Tape

Bostik Glu Tape is a versatile 6mm wide double-sided strip adhesive that gives an instant, clean and seamless bond. Features Bostik Glu Tape is acid-free, which makes it the perfect adhesive for use on precious family photos or artworks. Recommended Uses Ideal for sticking paper, gluing photos into albums, dry mounting, gift wrapping and paper craft.

Product image: Bostik Quick Bond Glue

Bostik Quick Bond Glue

Bostik Contact Bond provides an extra-strong water resistant and flexible bond on contact. Features The quick bonding act of this adhesive makes it the ideal choice for woodwork and other hand crafts as well as DIY projects around the home or office. Recommended Uses Ideal for woodwork, leather, felts, cotton back PVC and more. Bostik Epoxy Bond is a fast setting two-part epoxy adhesive with a setting time of 5 minutes and a full set in 12 hours. Features This versatile adhesive bonds most common household materials including glass, porcelain, metal, rigid plastic and wood. A quick initial set time allows for fast home repairs with minimum fuss. Recommended Uses Great for DIY home or office repairs as well as repairing household objects and broken crockery.

Product image: Bostik Craft Glues

Bostik Craft Glues

Clag Kids PVA is a non-toxic PVA glue that is non-staining and dries clear, making it ideal for model making and craft work. Features This versatile adhesive bonds paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, leather, styrene and most porous materials. Recommended Uses Clag Kids PVA is ideal for models, masks and other craft work and is ideal for use in kindergartens and childcare centres.

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