Product image: Bostik Quick Bond Glue

Bostik Quick Bond Glue

Bostik Contact Bond provides an extra-strong water resistant and flexible bond on contact.
The quick bonding act of this adhesive makes it the ideal choice for woodwork and other hand crafts as well as DIY projects around the home or office.
Recommended Uses
Ideal for woodwork, leather, felts, cotton back PVC and more.
Bostik Epoxy Bond is a fast setting two-part epoxy adhesive with a setting time of 5 minutes and a full set in 12 hours.
This versatile adhesive bonds most common household materials including glass, porcelain, metal, rigid plastic and wood. A quick initial set time allows for fast home repairs with minimum fuss.
Recommended Uses
Great for DIY home or office repairs as well as repairing household objects and broken crockery.

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