Product image: Carl Office Products

Carl Office Products

CARL has been designing cutting edge products for use in the office, home and school environments for over 70 years.
With a commitment to quality and innovative products we are pleased to offer an exciting range of Carl products including Paper Trimmers, Hole Punches and Office Accessories.

Product image: Carl Craft Spare Blades

Carl Craft Spare Blades

The Carl CC-10 craft cutter is a handy tool to cut or pattern papers, cloth, felt, film etc. Spare blades as well as patterned blades are available.

Product image: Carl Mori Silver Clips

Carl Mori Silver Clips

Carl Mori clips are the fast and easy way to keep papers in order. The innovative design means that the clips are reusable and can be put in place without the use of a dispenser.

Product image: Carl Paper Trimmers

Carl Paper Trimmers

Carl personal paper trimmer is a green friendly trimmer made of recycled plastic materials. The luminous paper holder is made of light harvesting acrylic material, resulting in more accurate cuts. | 12 Inch length and includes a very convenient swingout side gauge | Side gauge provides additional measuring capabilities that really come in handy when cutting larger material | Blade is encased in a cartridge to ensure safe operation | It offers a 7 sheet cutting capacity with 20lb paper | Excel at

Product image: Carl Replacement Trimmer Blades

Carl Replacement Trimmer Blades

Carl replacement trimmer blade suitable for use with Carl premium paper trimmer. Straight cut blade compatible with the DT-series trimmers. | Used to cut a straight line through up to several sheets of quality paper | Blades are long lasting with a razor sharp edge

Product image: Carl Mori Clips

Carl Mori Clips

Carl Mori clips are low profile clips which take up less room making filing easier. Clips and unclips paper without the need for a dispenser. | Simply push the clip onto the paper and it stays put | To remove pull off | Better For Filing

Product image: Carl Magnetic Clips

Carl Magnetic Clips

Carl strong stainless steel magnetic clips hold papers and brochures to any magnetic surface. Can be used on the refrigerator, file cabinets, or most metal surfaces to hang important documents that you need at your fingertips. | Small magnetic clips have a capacity upto 45 mm | Clips protect paper and photos from scratches | Strong, sturdy construction grips papers firmly | Magnetic clips fills your cabinets, fridges, magnetic partitions and more

Product image: Carl Cutting Mats

Carl Cutting Mats

Spare blades and cutting mats for the range of Guillotine and Rotary Trimmers

Product image: Carl Replacement Punch Blade / Drill

Carl Replacement Punch Blade / Drill

Replacement punch kit makes it easy to refresh you punch and make it like new. Replacement punching discs for all Carl heavy duty punches. | Substitutes your worn out punch Blade | Compatible with most of the punching machines | Get the full performance back in your heavy duty punch, by replacing these wearing punching blades |

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