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Columbia Writing Instruments

The Columbia brand has been part of Australia's stationery history for the past 80 years, with its beginnings being traced back to 1919. With the original plant and offices located on City Rd, Sydney, the Columbia brand focused solely on the importing and distribution of carbon papers and inked ribbons throughout Australia.

In 1931, the founder of Columbia Australia, G.H Horton, secured the machinery, raw materials and technical 'know-how' to produce carbon paper and ribbons in Australia. This was undertaken under the license agreement created with Columbia Ribbon & Manufacturing Company, New York, and was the start of Australian made products being distributed all around the country. This expansion increased in the 1940's with the newly designed factory at Lane Cove, Sydney, and marked the beginning of the mass production of pencils in Australia.
This unique manufacturing method resulted in Columbia Pencil & Crayon Company being the only pencil lead manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

The expansion into the pencils category created the beginning of the well loved pencils Australians have come to work with till today. Copperplate, Cadet, Formative and Colour Sketch were all part of the initial production from the Lane Cove based pencil plant. These pencils represented quality and style back then, and continue to do so today in the same fashion.

During this time one thing remained constant, the quality and reliability of the Columbia range of lead and coloured pencils. Changes in production processes and different ranges phased in and out, but the reliability and quality of Columbia pencils have always remained constant.

Product image: Columbia Cadet Pencils

Columbia Cadet Pencils

Columbia's Cadet Range of pencils are the ideal everyday pencil partnering quality with value. Retaining the quality and recognisable red hue of the Copperplate range, the Cadet Pencil Range ensures a perfect writing experience for a wider audience. Available in both hexagonal and round barrel, the Cadet Range of pencils are suitable for use by people of all ages.

Product image: Columbia Carpenters Pencils

Columbia Carpenters Pencils

Columbia carpenters pencils are available in two grades of graphite. Medium graphite (red barrel) for general carpentry requirements and hard graphite (green barrel) for marking hardwoods, plaster and brickwork.

Product image: Columbia Coloured Pencils

Columbia Coloured Pencils

The Colour Sketch Pencil Range is designed with a non crumbling lead that is smooth and easy to sharpen. The range of Colour Sketch is available in up to 24 colours with a round barrel lead. Also available in full length and half length, the Colour Sketch pencils are ideal for drawing, writing and sketching. Columbia's Chunkies large hexagonal barrel design are developed for first time pencil users, with a large barrel lead to help children colour in more effectively. Available in 6 of the most commonly used colours, the Columbia Chunkies pencils are perfect for both children young and old.

Product image: Columbia Copperplate Hexagon Pencils

Columbia Copperplate Hexagon Pencils

The Copperplate pencils have a high quality lead that will not crumble and that sharpen easily. The pencils have a hexagonal profile that allows for excellent grip and ease of use. The pencils have a hexagonal profile that makes them easy to grip and write with. The copperplates have premium quality lead that writes smoothly and consistently. The Copperplate pencils have a broad range of grades available.

Product image: Columbia Formative Learners Graphite Pencils

Columbia Formative Learners Graphite Pencils

Specifically designed for young children, the formative range of pencils are the perfect addition to any young students pencil case. They come in a larger barrel for easy gripping, with a soft lead for easy writing.

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