Product image: Planhorse Office Products

Planhorse Office Products

Product image: Planhorse Clamp

Planhorse Clamp

Planhorse clamps are the most effective and practical way to group up to 100 drawings, plans or artwork sheets together. | Planhorse clamps are designed to fit ANY front loading mobile stands, trolleys and wall racks. | Featuring an integrated carry handle and sprung loaded jaw mechanism they are robust, easy to use and highly practical | Ideal for archiving and large scale vertical drawing storage | They provide a simple and reliable way to retrieve, file and store paper| Available in A0, B1, A1 and A2 | Dimensions: 914mm (L) x 65mm (H) x 25mm (D) | Weight: 660g | 10 Year Replacement Guarantee

Product image: Planhorse Mobile Trolley

Planhorse Mobile Trolley

Planhorse A0/B1 2000 trolley occupies a very small space whilst storing up to 2000 drawings, plans or large sheets. Sheets are grouped together in a clamp which hangs on the trolley. Sheets are instantly accessed and easily filed. | For easy filing of your drawings | Trolleys hold clamps vertically, keeping sheets flat | Have convenient castors enabling them to be moved to different locations around the office | Available in two sizes A1 and AO and in two capacities 10 and 20 clamps, each

Product image: Planhorse Wall Rack

Planhorse Wall Rack

Planhorse wall racks are an ideal alternative to Planhorse trolleys when space is very limited. The wall rack is simply mounted to the wall and will instantly hold Planhorse clamps of any length or a combination of various lengths | The Planhorse wall rack 1000 will hold up to 10 Planhorse clamps which enables storage of up to 1000 large scale plans or drawings | The front loading feature of Planhorse Wall Racks make drawings quickly and easily accessible | Drawings are filed flat with no creasi

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