Product image: Quartet Specialty Boards

Quartet Specialty Boards

Product image: Quartet Bulletin Boards

Quartet Bulletin Boards

Quartet natural cork board provides a quality surface in a neutral color that allows anyone to easily post internal messages and memos. Cork boards work well in low traffic common areas such as a break room, cafeteria or factory floor. | Durable colored cork bulletin board is backed by high-density fiberboard | Natural cork lined surface hides pin holes and will not crumble | A place to pin up important memos or show of the kid's masterpieces | Self-healing colored cork surface eliminates un

Product image: Quartet Corkboards

Quartet Corkboards

Quartet standard cork board keeps important information in view with this natural corkboard that functions as a convenient display centre. The silver aluminium frame adds a touch of contemporary professionalism. | Durable backing provides maximum pin holding power to prevent items from falling | Silver, aluminum frame is sturdy and stylish | Ideal for moderate use in spaces with regular traffic | Natural cork is self-healing and will re-close when push pins are removed | Includes mounting hardwa

Product image: Quartet Frameless Fabric Boards

Quartet Frameless Fabric Boards

Sleek, frameless design of this fabric bulletin board allows it to fit seamlessly into the dEcor of any space, and provides a larger posting surface. Also offers flexible vertical or horizontal mounting. | Durable frameless bulletin board provides an edge-to-edge posting surface | Suitable for frequent use - delivers quality performance in busy environments | High-density fiberboard ensures documents stay securely pinned | Easily mounts in either horizontal or vertical orientation | Dynamic ligh

Product image: Quartet Prestige Fabric Boards

Quartet Prestige Fabric Boards

To meet frequent communication and collaborate needs, consider this diamond mesh fabric bulletin board. Dense, grey fabric surface holds documents securely in place with standard push pins and is self-healing for long-lasting quality performance | Durable diamond-mesh bulletin board backed by high-density fibreboard secures documents firmly | Well suited for frequent use - delivers expert communication and collaboration performance in offices and conference rooms | Fasten photos or important doc

Product image: Quartet Chalk Board Menus

Quartet Chalk Board Menus

Quartet Chalk board menus are a unique way to add originality and an artistic flare to your business | Double side chalk surface ideal for use in cafes and restaurants | Full length detachable oak tray | Easy to change information | Just erase and rewrite unlike paper based menus

Product image: Quartet Staff In/Out Boards

Quartet Staff In/Out Boards

Keep track of your employees itinerary with this durable in/out board. The smooth writing surface is perfect for notations and the magnetic dots quickly identify who is in the office and who is not. | Track up to 15 employees with this sleekly designed magnetic in/out board | Stands up to frequent use in any office environment | Magnetic, dry-erase surface doubles as a magnetic bulletin board | Innovative mounting systems makes side-by-side mounting alignment flawless | Matrix board is

Product image: Quartet Iq Dry Erase Boards

Quartet Iq Dry Erase Boards

Unique translucent framing of this board provides an ideal platform for sophisticated, edge-to-edge collaboration. Sleek whiteboard has a Total Erase surface that resists staining and ghosting. | Ideal for moderate to frequent use | Slick, translucent frame provides a full size writing surface | Multiple board sizes available

Product image: Quartet Led Writing Boards

Quartet Led Writing Boards

Quartet LED Writing Boards are ideal for eye catching displays and signage | Eye-catching LED dry erase writing board | Write your messages using Quartet LED Fluorescent markers | Bright LED colours with 17 flash modes | Stylish black aluminium frame | Wall mountable with chain included

Product image: Quartet Conference Room Scheduler

Quartet Conference Room Scheduler

Quartet available/occupied status panel and dry-erase scheduling surface eliminates scheduling conflicts. Perfect for busy conference rooms and secure mounting keeps scheduler in place despite heavy traffic. | Frequent use - perfect for meeting rooms | 15.5 Inch W x 14.5 Inch H | Indicate meeting room status to all employees quickly | Smooth whiteboard surface provides writing space for employees to book meeting rooms in advance | Easy-to-use mounting kit allows for quick installation on wood, d

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