Product image: Staedtler Educational Products

Staedtler Educational Products

The history of STAEDTLER coloured pencils can be traced back to the year 1834, the year in which Johann Sebastian Staedtler invented the coloured oil pastel pencil. By 1856, J. S. Staedtler already had 48 different colours in his range. Over the years, STAEDTLER continued to further develop its coloured pencils and, in 2005, succeeded in coming up with a ground-breaking innovation: the Anti-Break-System or A·B·S for short. The white protective coating surrounding the lead core like a second skin has enabled us to significantly increase the level of break resistance of our coloured pencils.

Product image: Staedtler Colour Markers

Staedtler Colour Markers

STAEDTLER's fibre-tip pens with water-based ink containing food colouring are available in up to 20 colours. They wash out of most textiles easily.

Product image: Staedtler Coloured Pencils

Staedtler Coloured Pencils

The brilliantly coloured high quality lead core in our coloured pencils with A·B·S is surrounded by an innovative white protective coating. It is so hard and robust that it makes the soft coloured lead up to 50% more break-resistant and the pencil up to 30% stronger.

Product image: Staedtler Compass, Drawing & Math Sets

Staedtler Compass, Drawing & Math Sets

For the past 75 years already, the STAEDTLER brand has stood for top technological performance in the field of high-precision drafting instruments. STAEDTLER compasses enjoy a superb reputation the world over and today continue to remain indispensable tools on the drawing boards of professional users.

Product image: Staedtler Crayons & Pastels

Staedtler Crayons & Pastels

STAEDTLER's range of triangular-shaped and standard-shaped crayons is both indispensable for kindergarten, nursery school and primary school as well as for everyone already experienced in drawing and painting.

Product image: Staedtler Modelling Clay

Staedtler Modelling Clay

Modelling with STAEDTLER FIMO and FIMOair modelling clays is incredibly easy and unbelievably diversified: Whether for use in art classes, at kindergarten, for professional applications or as a creative pastime - this range of air and oven-hardening clays as well as the many different accessories are sure to keep boredom at bay!

Product image: Staedtler Sharpeners

Staedtler Sharpeners

It has become a very symbol of our era and, coupled with refined, modern-day mechanical pencil technology, now creates an impressive symbiosis of design and function.

Product image: Staedtler Triangular Scale Rulers

Staedtler Triangular Scale Rulers

STAEDTLER rulers for professional technical drawing.

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