Product image: Uniball Liquid Ink Rollerball

Uniball Liquid Ink Rollerball

Thanks to Mitsubishi Pencil's ongoing program of product development, we are able to bring you the latest in writing technology and have a great range of rollerball pens in both liquid ink and gel ink.

Our gel ink pens are all acid free and come in a huge variety of colours and tip sizes.

Product image: Uniball Eye Rollerball

Uniball Eye Rollerball

Uniball eye liquid ink rollerball pens are Australia's favourite rollerball pen. The see through ink barrel lets you see how much ink is left.

Product image: Uniball Fine Rollerball

Uniball Fine Rollerball

Water-based pigment ink. 0.7mm dia. tungsten carbide ball.

Product image: Uniball Vision Rollerball

Uniball Vision Rollerball

The uni-ball Vision Elite features special aeroplane safe technology which stops the pen from leaking, even during the sudden changes in air pressure that may be encountered during air travel.

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