Product image: Visionchart - Visual Communication

Visionchart - Visual Communication

Visual Communication can enrich your organisation. From visual writing boards in ceramic or glass to planning boards and pinnable surfaces, they’re all designed to make your work, education or meeting space empowered.

When you write your thoughts onto a board or pin them up ... it’s transforming

Product image: Visionchart Edge LX7000 Architectural Designer Whiteboard

Visionchart Edge LX7000 Architectural Designer Whiteboard

Specifically created for the architectural and commercial designer market. The Visionchart EDGE LX7000 frame provides a stylish ultra slim frame for communication boards that enhances any modern office or workspace. Satin silver edgeless frame with rear mounting split brackets completely hide all fixtures from the board face providing a totally clean and visually appealing look. 12 standard sizes available however panels can be any size up to 3000 x 1200mm. Our low profile 3mm edge boards can be mounted side by side, virtually seamlessly to create a communication wall. Whiteboard panels can be matched with any notice board or material panel required also using the EDGE LX7000 slim frame to fully integrate with your office décor.

Product image: Visionchart Edge LX9000 Designer Glassboards

Visionchart Edge LX9000 Designer Glassboards

The EDGE LX9000 slim frame Magnetic Glassboard provides a completely modern and sleek look to the office. With no holes in the glass and totally hidden fixtures the board is secured with reversible split batten system, allowing the board to be easily removed at any time. Boards can be mounted as specified either vertical or horizontal Glass is magnetic and goes right to the edge of the frame LX9000 frame comes in satin silver or white as standard Powder coated frames available on request Glass projection board is ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms

Product image: Visionchart Lumiere Magnetic Glass Board

Visionchart Lumiere Magnetic Glass Board

Designed to blend seamlessly with any décor, the eco friendly brilliant white and ultra clear glass boards simply communicate, naturally. CONTEMPORARY – alternative to traditional whiteboards highlighted by the translucency and elegance of premium glass. QUALITY – toughened safety glass, non-porous surface will not ghost or stain and works with standard dry-erase markers. FRAMELESS – tempered glass is borderless to create clean lines, uncluttered and ultra modern appearance. STYLISH FIXTURES - float the board 20mm off the wall STARPHIRE GLASS - is completely clear as most of the iron oxides have been removed - helps eliminate colour distortion. Toughened 4mm Magnetic Safety glass Polished edge and rounded corners Includes clear acrylic pen tray Lifetime warranty on erasing surface Installation Service available

Product image: Visionchart Clarion & Space II Magnetic Glass Board

Visionchart Clarion & Space II Magnetic Glass Board

White glassboard supplied with Magnetic Eraser and Marker Black glassboard requires FLURO markers / eraser - sold separately Both colours supplied with wall fittings. Perspex penshelf is optional on both.

Product image: Visionchart Space Mobile Glass Boards

Visionchart Space Mobile Glass Boards

Clear Innovation & Communication. Just like they have in CSI crime show Clear toughened glass—use both sides – Open communication Satin silver steel frame with locking castors Use standard markers or fluro paint markers Super strong magnets can be used to holder plans or paper Glass net weight: 23.5kg, frame Net weight: 10kg

Product image: Visionchart Aluminium Frame Felt Board

Visionchart Aluminium Frame Felt Board

Quality wool felt over bioboard with aluminium frame. Mounts through the corner with fixtures supplied. Standard colours: Royal Blue and Grey, additional felt colours made to order 7 standard sizes - special sizes available on request

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