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    Carl Hole Punches
    Leitz Heavy Duty Punch
    Rexel Hole Punches
    Marbig Hole Punches
    Leitz Metal Hole Punch
    Marbig Punching Solutions
    Rapid Hole Punches
    Ledah Hole Punches
    Novus Punching
    Staple It!
    Back It Up!
Product image: Punch It! Solutions

Punch It! Solutions

Product image: Rexel Hole Punches

Rexel Hole Punches

Product image: Carl Hole Punches

Carl Hole Punches

Product image: Leitz Heavy Duty Punch

Leitz Heavy Duty Punch

• Replacement drills for 5182. • Spare part for Leitz Hole punch • 6mm

Product image: Marbig Hole Punches

Marbig Hole Punches

Product image: Leitz Wow Metal Hole Punch

Leitz Wow Metal Hole Punch

Metal punch in catwalk colours for everyday use | Robust and reliable | Patented grip zone and ultra sharp stamps reduce punching effort | Punches up to 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm) | Grip zone and sharper stamps reduce punching effort | Clear format marked and sturdy guide bar | Available in striking and stylish colours | Easy to empty, hinged waste box | 10 year guarantee and GS safety tested

Product image: Marbig Punching Solutions

Marbig Punching Solutions

Product image: Rapid Hole Punches

Rapid Hole Punches

Product image: Ledah Hole Punches

Ledah Hole Punches

Product image: Novus Punching Solutions

Novus Punching Solutions

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