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Product image: Stick it! Solutions

Stick it! Solutions

Product image: Marbig Adhesive Notes

Marbig Adhesive Notes

High quality, self stick, re-positionable notes. Perfect for use in the home or office, so you'll never forget those little details. In pads of 100 sheets, in a range of three sizes. Bright yellow to ensure your messages always stand out.

Product image: Pilotape Office Products

Pilotape Office Products

Product image: Sellotape Office Products

Sellotape Office Products

Starting out as a cellulose adhesive tape, the Sellotape brand now incorporates a wide variety of tapes; from the classic ‘Sticky Tape’ to invisible, double sided, masking and packaging tape. In recent years a range of adhesives has been added to the Sellotape family which includes the Sticky Dot range, incorporating glue dots, foam pads, and sticky discs and recently Gripping Stuff. Gripping Stuff is a self stick adhesive felt product perfect for displaying notes, memo, cards without using pins or tack. Available in memo boards, strips, poster pads, notices and locker pads.

Product image: UHU Office Supplies

UHU Office Supplies

Established in 1932, the UHU's glues are sold throughout the world in over 120 countries. UHU is a world leader in environmental and ecological policies. These policies are continually progressing on three levels: Product Development, Manufacturing Processes and Waste Disposal. UHU recognises corporate and social responsibilities and as such continually seek to ensure that the products and services are ethically produced.

Product image: Bostik Office Products

Bostik Office Products

Bostik is a company with a long and rich history. It was founded as the Boston Blacking Co. in Chelsea Massachusetts in 1889. It has its origins in the shoe industry and shoe adhesives. It was taken over by USM (United Shoe Machinery) in 1929 and was developed on a global scale, focusing on the shoe industry until the 1950's when the company embarked on international expansion and diversification.

Product image: Selleys Glue

Selleys Glue

Product image: Beautone Stick on Flags, Notes & Cubes

Beautone Stick on Flags, Notes & Cubes

Product image: 3M Post-It / Super Sticky Notes

3M Post-It / Super Sticky Notes

Product image: 3M Adhesive Solutions

3M Adhesive Solutions

Product image: Tapes & Dispensers

Tapes & Dispensers

Product image: Glue Sticks, Tapes & Pens

Glue Sticks, Tapes & Pens

Product image: Mounting Products

Mounting Products

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