Product image: 1Line Supply Solutions

1Line Supply Solutions

Product image: Direct Thermal Dispatch Adhesive Labels

Direct Thermal Dispatch Adhesive Labels

Buy by the roll, box, carton or pallet, the option is yours.

Product image: ExpandOS - Smarter Packaging

ExpandOS - Smarter Packaging

ExpandOS™ patented design easily protect heavy, light, dense, breakable and fragile objects (even in the same box). Simplify your packaging by utilizing ExpandOS™. How the ExpandOS System Works – For industrial users, you purchase flat stock ExpandOS material from us on pallets, material to make 1000 CF of ExpandOS™ per pallet. When you are ready to use the material, you convert the ExpandOS™into the packing pyramids by using one of our Expander machines. The Expander machines make as much as 10 CF of material per minute and can be aggregated in hoppers as large as 100CF for special situations. Not an industrial user? Go ahead and buy some material in a ready to use form – shipped right to you!

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