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In March 2018 Bantex Australia entered into a “principal partnership” arrangement with the Hamelin Group from France. Hamelin Group now have a controlling interest in Bantex in Australia and will be working closely together to ensure the best products for the office products industry.

The family-owned Hamelin Group, whose brands include Oxford and Elba, employs more than 2200 employees worldwide and has global revenues of around $640 million.

With its Head Office in France, Hamelin is a well regarded business focused on developing and marketing innovative office products.

The Australian company is from May 2018 to be known as Hamelin Brands and will continue to market Bantex and Quill brands, as well as new and exciting brands to be launched ongoingly.

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Bantex Office Products

Founded in 1961, Bantex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office products that distributes in more than 70 countries worldwide. Bantex Australia is a licensee and wholly owned Australian company focusing on its local customer needs. With a worldwide network Bantex Australia is able to take advantage of the best opportunities from its global manufacturing, whilst still taking great pride in producing local manufactured products

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Beautone Office Solutions

Since the invention of paper, there has been a need for filing, coding, sorting, storing and presentation of those papers. Beautone is proud to offer a broad range of products specifically designed to help the end user accomplish these tasks. Beautone products are about function. User friendly is not a new concept to Beautone. All of our products are packed with easy to use features. Beautone is also about quality. We own and operate our own factory. We control every aspect of production from beginning to end. The result is first class quality every time. Beyond all of the substance, Beautone is also about style. Outstanding color palettes. Meticulous detailing. Extreme attention to detail. Outstanding materials. These are the same attributes that separate all extraordinary products from the more ordinary. All of this : products, quality and style, are the attributes that make Beautone the favorite of consumers everywhere.

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Quill Specialty Paper & Envelopes

Quill offers a range of top quality papers & envelopes which are compatible with most modern printing technologies. In house production of letterheads & imaginative documents is on the increase as the need for correspondence that stands out becomes even more imperative in an ever increasing competitive market space.

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