Product image: Note Group Educational & Hospitality Solutions

Note Group Educational & Hospitality Solutions

Product image: Breakroom - Detpak Eco Range

Breakroom - Detpak Eco Range

Each I am eco™ product is made from sustainable, natural raw materials and is biodegradable and compostable* – without compromising on function or quality. Sugarcane, corn and trees are used to create I am eco™ products. We source sustainable materials, research innovative renewable products and investigate new processing and packing options to reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the environment. This range takes the guess work out of environmental responsibility. Make the switch to sustain your relationship with the environment. *Compostable products will break down into natural elements within 90 days when treated in a commercial facility as defined by European standard EN13432. With the exception of PET clear cup and lids, which are recyclable.

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