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Product image: Presentation & Display

Presentation & Display

Presentation is everything in today's competitive world. Here is a range of presentation solutions that will help you to keep ahead of the competition.

Product image: NOBO - Audio Visual

NOBO - Audio Visual

Product image: Quartet - Visual Presentation

Quartet - Visual Presentation

Quartet is a provider of whiteboard, bulletin and chalkboard products and is the premier manufacturer of a full line of visual communication products. Quartet makes tools that help you organize, think, collaborate and communicate. We understand that you face new challenges every day, and need to adapt. Quartet supports you by making products that work the way you work, with tools to match your needs at home and in the office. Quartet products are high-quality, reliable and designed to help you create, innovate and communicate.

Product image: Visionchart - Visual Communication

Visionchart - Visual Communication

Product image: Changhong TV

Changhong TV

Over 100 million families around the world go home to CHANGHONG. Great value for money!

Product image: Tuffy Multimedia & Utility Trolleys

Tuffy Multimedia & Utility Trolleys

Product image: Deflect-O Presentation & Display

Deflect-O Presentation & Display

Deflecto’s rich heritage was founded on innovative and problem solving products. It was in 1960, in the basement of C.P. Meyer’s home, that he invented the first air deflector. His idea was to develop something that would help prevent factory compressors from freezing up. It didn’t take long to realize his new invention could have a major impact on personal home comfort as well. He knew that by deflecting air away from windows and from under furniture, heating & cooling efficiency and comfort could be maximized. Five years later, a clever Deflecto employee turned a magnetic air deflector upside down on a metal filing cabinet in effort to organize invoices. With that, the first wall pocket was discovered, opening up the office products market for C.P. Meyer and his company. Fifty years and hundreds of new products later, Deflecto is the world’s largest chairmat, bicycle reflector and dryer venting manufacturer and a global leader in sign and literature holders, office workspace accessories and other air distribution products.

Product image: Colourhide


We might be a little biased but we think stationery is extraordinary. Whether you’re writing, organising or escaping, it all comes back to one thing – creation. So no matter what you’re creating, we’re ready to help with an exciting and colourful range of notebooks, writing instruments, filing and organisation products. It’s bold, it’s vibrant. It’s ColourHide.

Product image: Esselte Brochure Holders

Esselte Brochure Holders

Product image: 3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

Bringing people and ideas together When your team is ready to bring its next big idea to life, use Post-it® Collaboration Products to unlock something amazing.

Product image: Durable -  Presentation & Display Solutions

Durable - Presentation & Display Solutions

Product image: Marbig Presentation Solutions

Marbig Presentation Solutions

Product image: Avery Presentation Solutions

Avery Presentation Solutions

Product image: Avery Conferencing Solutions

Avery Conferencing Solutions

Create a great impression at your conference with professional-looking conference materials. You'll create a memorable impression with your delegates on the day, and long after they've gone home.

Product image: Compendiums & Portfolios

Compendiums & Portfolios

Product image: Data Projectors

Data Projectors

Product image: Kensington Presenter Remotes

Kensington Presenter Remotes

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