Product image: Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Solutions

Building Brilliant Ideas Together....

Ignite creativity & capture your brainstorming with collaboration solutions.

Product image: BenQ InstaShow Wireless Presentation

BenQ InstaShow Wireless Presentation

BenQ InstaShow™ is a unique no-software solution that allows multiple presenters to present on any device, with the simplest plug and play operation requiring no driver installation or execution and compatibility with any OS or hardware platform.

Product image: BenQ Interactive Flat Panels

BenQ Interactive Flat Panels

Innovative Interactive Flat Panels for Inspirational Communication and Collaboration BenQ corporate Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) ideally suit meeting spaces of any size with stylish designs incorporating two front-facing speakers and integrated pen trays. With pioneering innovations that include 20-point multi-touch, 4K resolution, Smart Eye-Care, and Account Management System (AMS), BenQ’s corporate IFPs deliver intuitive collaboration and display interactivity with the ease of wireless presentation, open-platform software compatibility, and hassle-free maintenance. EZWrite 4.0’s Smart Annotation and Multi-touch Capability Share and Collaborate with Wireless Solution Account Management System for Personalized File Management Smart Eye-Care solution and Germ-Resistant Screen

Product image: Revolabs Audio Conferencing

Revolabs Audio Conferencing

Conferencing solutions that enable crystal clear communication – in every environment. Collaboration spaces demand technologies that are more convenient and enable a seamless collaboration experience so users can easily come together to exchange information, share ideas, and collaborate at any time. From professional microphone systems to conference phones and video conferencing solutions, Revolabs, part of Yamaha UC, offers the most flexible and uniform set of solutions to accommodate the needs of the entire business.

Product image: Sony Audio Conferencing

Sony Audio Conferencing

Easily hold high-quality video conferences wherever there's a network connection available Businesses, schools and public organisations can communicate more effectively and spontaneously with the PCS-XC1 portable video conferencing system that includes an optional wireless capability (license required). Quick and easy to set up, this all-in-one solution lets conference participants share crisp sound and smooth, clearly-packed HD pictures over the internet with colleagues anywhere in the world. The high-quality pan/tilt/zoom camera captures smooth, finely-detailed video images that make virtual meetings more natural and immersive - even in low light or against harsh back-lighting where other VC systems struggle. For critical applications such as healthcare and broadcasting, the system can be optionally upgraded to support even higher-quality Full HD 1080p video at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Product image: 3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

Bringing people and ideas together When your team is ready to bring its next big idea to life, use Post-it® Collaboration Products to unlock something amazing.

Product image: WyreStorm AV Connectivity

WyreStorm AV Connectivity

Here at WyreStorm we follow a simple but all-encompassing philosophy that colors everything we do - providing the right technology for the right application - and we devote all our energies and resources to the creation of innovative products and services that allow the integrator to supply a superior AV experience to their clients, and do so faster and more efficiently to maximize budget, while minimizing time on site.

Product image: Colourhide Notebook Solutions

Colourhide Notebook Solutions

We come in a variety of shapes and sizes plus we've got vibrant (and protective) covers plus nice, thick, easy to rip out pages. Just don’t get too organised. Notebooks are for scribbling, sketching, experimenting and exploring. So go on. Be spontaneous.

Product image: Colourhide Notebooks

Colourhide Notebooks

The Colourhide brand was developed specifically with students in mind. Colourhide has been injected with funkitional features, then pumped them up in vibrant colours so you can make the most out of the day.

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