Product image: Student / School & Education Solutions

Student / School & Education Solutions

When it's time to think School Stationery it's time to checkout Smart Supplies with it's comprehensive range of your favourite Education brands.

Product image: 2021- Back to Learn!

2021- Back to Learn!

Learning has never been this easy with Australia's top Educational brands at great prices. Now that's Smart!

Product image: Olympic Educational / School Books

Olympic Educational / School Books

Olympic also offers a variety of scholastic products ideal for both primary & secondary levels. Scholastic products range from an array of exercise books, state-specific ruled exercise books, scrap & project books, botany books, binder books, grid & graph books, reinforced refills, music books, lecture pads and more.

Product image: Artline Whiteboard Markers

Artline Whiteboard Markers

With dense bold colours Artline's high performance range of whiteboard markers are the perfect addition to meetings, classes and tutorials. The 500 series, available in traditional aluminium barrels are xylene free and low odour. The 577/579 series, also xylene free features dry safe ink which means the cap can be left off for 48 hours without the ink drying out!

Product image: Spirax Educational Books

Spirax Educational Books

Spirax Exercise Book are made using only the best quality products to ensure your school notes are kept neat and protected. All Spirax exercise books are staple bound which means they can easily lay flat | Durable And Protective PP Cover | Quality 70gsm Paper | PP Cover Colour Corresponds With Page Count Colour - Each section below has a bulk buy option so you can save even more!

Product image: Staedtler Educational Products

Staedtler Educational Products

The history of STAEDTLER coloured pencils can be traced back to the year 1834, the year in which Johann Sebastian Staedtler invented the coloured oil pastel pencil. By 1856, J. S. Staedtler already had 48 different colours in his range. Over the years, STAEDTLER continued to further develop its coloured pencils and, in 2005, succeeded in coming up with a ground-breaking innovation: the Anti-Break-System or A·B·S for short. The white protective coating surrounding the lead core like a second skin has enabled us to significantly increase the level of break resistance of our coloured pencils.

Product image: Texta Markers

Texta Markers

The Original Texta brand is an 100% Australian owned brand by an Australian owned company, committed to providing products of the utmost quality, reliability and safety for children. With a full range of crayons, pencils, colouring markers, and other creative tools, Texta is designed to develop and enhance every child’s artistic and creative skills. All products are non-toxic and safe to use. Texta provides quality and value consumers can trust.

Product image: Maped Education

Maped Education

Maped is renowned for its innovative and superior quality general stationery products. From scissors and rulers, to erasers and sharpeners, the Maped range of products are ideal for every home, office and school situation. Bring some life to your desk drawer or pencil case with the complete range of Maped general stationery products.

Product image: Faber-Castell Lead Pencils & Refills

Faber-Castell Lead Pencils & Refills

Back in 1905 the legendary green CASTELL 9000 pencil was created by Count Alexander von Faber-Castell and is still known worldwide today. In its jousting knights design, the CASTELL 9000 has always stood for high quality, tradition and invincibility. Other writing instruments as well as cutting-edge erasers and sharpeners in matching colours round off this specific product range.

Product image: Kyocera - fit for purpose !

Kyocera - fit for purpose !

KYOCERA makes productivity simple, even if your needs are not.

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