Product image: Ergonomic / Wellness Solutions

Ergonomic / Wellness Solutions

Product image: GOP Ergonomic Furniture

GOP Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture solutions from recognised brands such as Match, Potenza & Evolution.

Product image: Kensington Ergonomic Office Solutions

Kensington Ergonomic Office Solutions

With more and more of us spending the majority of our working day at our desk, workstation related injuries are becoming more frequent, leading to an increase in absenteeism and a decrease in workplace productivity. With this knowledge, Kensington has come up with a a host of new and exciting ergonomic products to help you stay comfortable at work, whilst maintaining high productivity levels, for longer.

Product image: Rexel Activita Daylight Lamps

Rexel Activita Daylight Lamps

Work brighter, work smarter! This versatile Daylight lamp brings the benefit of natural sunlight directly into your working environment. Lighten your mood, enhance concentration and increase productivity with healthy Daylight. Adjustable mood settings; Daylight to boost energy levels and alertness, Brilliant to brighten your workspace, and Warm which is ideal for relaxing or reading.

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