Product image: Marbig Health & Safety Solutions

Marbig Health & Safety Solutions

Product image: Marbig Hard Floor & Tile Floor Chairmats

Marbig Hard Floor & Tile Floor Chairmats

Ideal for any size office, frequent use. Protects hard floors from wear and tear caused by chair wheels. Bevelled edges for easy manoeuvrability on and off your mat. 3mm thick mat with textured top surface is slip and scuff resistant. Suitable for tiled or vinyl as the embossed base prevents moisture build-up and damage to flooring. Timber, floating or varnished floors may not be suitable for hard-floor chairmats. If dust or grit builds up under the mat, then ongoing use will result in a scratched or damaged finish. 2 Year Warranty. New, Free & Clearâ„¢ formula produces an exceptionally clear mat that is non-phthalate, non-cadmium, BPA-and lead-free

Product image: Marbig Tuffmat Polycarbonate Chairmats

Marbig Tuffmat Polycarbonate Chairmats

Ideal for any size office, frequent to heavy use. Suitable for any carpet thickness. The strongest and most durable chair mat on the market. Made from polycarbonate, the same material used to make bullet-resistant glass and jet fighter cockpit canopy. Fire resistant, odourless and emission free. Perfect for protecting carpet from heavy machines, chairs and high traffic areas. Notched stud design ensures carpet grips for stability. Super smooth surface - slide on, off and around with ease. 5 year warranty. Made from extra strong 100% recyclable polycarbonate. Environmental Accreditation 14001

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