Product image: Training Room Solutions

Training Room Solutions

Training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.

Here is a great range of Training products to enhance results!

Product image: Quartet - Visual Presentation

Quartet - Visual Presentation

Quartet is a provider of whiteboard, bulletin and chalkboard products and is the premier manufacturer of a full line of visual communication products. Quartet makes tools that help you organize, think, collaborate and communicate. We understand that you face new challenges every day, and need to adapt. Quartet supports you by making products that work the way you work, with tools to match your needs at home and in the office. Quartet products are high-quality, reliable and designed to help you create, innovate and communicate.

Product image: Spirax Spiral Bound Notebooks

Spirax Spiral Bound Notebooks

Spirax Cardboard Note Books have been a favourite for generations. Quality front and back cover ensures your notes stay protected & the single white spiral helps your book lay flat. Available in a wide range of sizes and rulings - There is one to suit your every need!

Product image: 3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

3M Collaboration / Meeting Solutions

Bringing people and ideas together When your team is ready to bring its next big idea to life, use Post-it® Collaboration Products to unlock something amazing.

Product image: Colourhide Notebook Solutions

Colourhide Notebook Solutions

We come in a variety of shapes and sizes plus we've got vibrant (and protective) covers plus nice, thick, easy to rip out pages. Just don’t get too organised. Notebooks are for scribbling, sketching, experimenting and exploring. So go on. Be spontaneous.

Product image: Marbig Clearview Insert Ring Binders

Marbig Clearview Insert Ring Binders

Environmentally friendly choice for your filing. Clear polypropylene non-glare overlay on front, back and spine allows you to quickly and easily customise your file. A4 Available in 2, 3 or 4 Rings and Ring Sizes – 16,19,25, 38, 50 and 65mm. A5 2 Ring 25mm available in white only. Oversized Covers on the 38, 50 and 65mm binders accommodate sheet protectors and extra wide dividers. Colours available: white, black, red and blue. Constructed from 100% recycled board and recyclable polypropylene.

Product image: Artline Whiteboard Markers

Artline Whiteboard Markers

With dense bold colours Artline's high performance range of whiteboard markers are the perfect addition to meetings, classes and tutorials. The 500 series, available in traditional aluminium barrels are xylene free and low odour. The 577/579 series, also xylene free features dry safe ink which means the cap can be left off for 48 hours without the ink drying out!

Product image: Colourhide Notebooks

Colourhide Notebooks

The Colourhide brand was developed specifically with students in mind. Colourhide has been injected with funkitional features, then pumped them up in vibrant colours so you can make the most out of the day.

Product image: Colby Pouches & Envelopes

Colby Pouches & Envelopes

When you have documentation that needs to be stored & moved frequently Colby offers a range of durable Pouches & Files that can stand the test of time.

Product image: Staedtler Lumocolor All Purpose OHP Pen

Staedtler Lumocolor All Purpose OHP Pen

Suitable for a whole variety of uses and offering a perfect solution for just about every imaginable application the pens and markers of the Lumocolor range are true standard-setters. Our Lumocolor universal pens' airplane-safe feature provides an automatic pressure equalisation which prevents the pen from leakage while you are on the plane. Ideal for marking and labelling almost all surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, film, glass, plastic, metal, leather, stone, porcelain, wood or polystyrene.

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