Product image: Kensington Security Solutions

Kensington Security Solutions

More people trust Kensington to secure their electronics than any other brand. In fact, Kensington has sold enough locks and cables that when linked together, they could circle the globe twice!
Security is more than just saving your physical device from theft. It also saves you from losing personal information that, if it fell into the wrong hands, could cost you far more time, effort and money than just replacing the device.

Product image: Kensington Combination Locks

Kensington Combination Locks

Provides a secure anchor to any work surface. Convenient to use means no more searching for a strong anchor point under your desk or workstation. Attractive design complements modern office d├ęcor. Tamper-resistant features include 2 one-way security screws and full steel construction prevents cutting. Built-in Kensington Security Slot. Industrial strength mounting tape & screws provided for your choice of mounting option.

Product image: Kensington Keyed Locks

Kensington Keyed Locks

Compact design travels easily. Built-in lock defence system guards against tampering. 4 foot retractable steel cable. Tempered steel security loop. Works with 99% of notebooks. SAFE tested for greater security and peace of mind. Register your key code online for free key replacement.

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